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Chemchemi Ya Neema (Fountain Of Grace)

Genesis 49:22 A fruitful bough by a spring, its branches run over a wall.

Fountain of Grace is a training and educational facility set up in the heart of the slums of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

To train, teach, equip and help people to go beyond the boundaries of poverty.

New Life Church Cardigan is partnering with Calvary Prayer Church in Keko, Dar es Salaam

The project has three stages

Stage One:  Is already in process and consists of building a purpose designed property to house and accommodate students and teachers in dormitory style accommodation.

This will include a kitchen and meeting room, outside toilets, dormitories with shower rooms, storerooms and outside seating, garden and covering.

There is now a bore hole which provides water not only for this project but also for the locals who otherwise would have to buy water.

Stage Two: To start to run teaching and training courses on a limited basis until the building is complete.

The need is so great, that a training programme will begin this summer.

Using the building where it is possible and other facilities as the need arises.

Stage Three: Once the building is complete to run a variety of different courses throughout the year.

The Courses will include:

Teaching Pastors and Leaders Foundational Biblical truths.

Teaching Pastors and Leaders how to care for their communities.

Teaching English as a second language, Teaching vocational skills

Basic education for those who have been left out of the educational system.

Children and Youth work,  Ladies Conferences,  Opportunities for work experience

For more information please contact: Doug & Janice Bell 07970791190 or

The next phase of the building will cost approximately £10,000 to complete


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