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Healing Rooms Cardigan

Q:     What is Healing Rooms Cardigan?

  • A place where you can come for prayer in Jesus’ name
  • A place where God’s love is
  • A safe place
  • A confidential place

Q:     I don’t believe in God. Can I still come?

  • Yes, God loves you whether you believe in Him or not. The bible says that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and we believe that it is through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we are healed

Q:     What happens when I come to the Healing Rooms?

  • The receptionist will welcome you and invite you to complete a prayer request form.
  • A team of three people will pray for you asking the Lord to come and meet you in your need

Q:     Who are the people who will pray for me?

  • The team is made up of a group of Christians drawn from churches in the local area, who have been trained in the Healing Rooms

Q:     Will it cost me anything?

  • The Healing Rooms makes no charge for the prayer you receive. The people who serve are all volunteers and no one receives payment

Q:     What if I don’t feel any different?

  • We believe that it is God’s will to heal you and that you will receive from Him as you come into His presence
  • Miracles can happen immediately though healing sometimes takes place over a longer period of time. You can come to the Healing Rooms as often as you wish, the team will believe with you till you receive your healing

Q:     Is Healing Rooms just for physical healing?

  • No, God made us – spirit soul and body and we believe that the One who created us is also One who knows best how to heal us, whether it is in our emotions or in our body

Q:     I am under the doctor for my illness, can I come to the Healing Rooms?

  • The Healing Rooms ministry works alongside the medical profession and you will never be encouraged to stop taking your medication – that is between yourself and your doctor

Healing Rooms Cardigan is part of the International Association of Healing Rooms.

There are over one thousand Healing Rooms open worldwide. There are three Healing Rooms open in Wales, and there are over one hundred in the rest of the UK. You can find out more by looking on the website at and you can find us at Wales Cardigan or
for UK.

Opening Times

Tuesdays 2pm till 4pm
New Life Christian Centre
Quay St, Cardigan SA43 1HU


07527 313526

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