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Missions to Tanzania

Over the last couple of years there has an increase in the number of visits and the amount of time New Life Church Cardigan has spent in Tanzania.  It is a real privilege to partner with Calvary Prayer Church in Keko, as our main contact as well as working with other local churches in Dar es Salaam.

Last year we sent a container filled with hospital beds and equipment for the clinic that they have, household items, tools and many other things.  Pastor Marco who leads the church there said that they laughed and cried when they received it, they were overwhelmed by the love shown to them in such a practical way.

There were also two missions:

The first one was in February where we ministered in a ladies conference.  Ladies from all over Tanzania came and we saw many miracles.  The Lord healed people of cancer, where we witnessed tumours disappearing from bodies, legs growing, backs healed, demons cast out and a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in these ladies lives.  We also saw many come to receive salivation.

In the autumn we then ran a School of the Spirit for 12 weeks where 23 students attended and were transformed through the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Doug and Janice hosted 4 different teams from Wales who came and worked in the school over this time.

We also were able to sink a bore hole in a plot of land where we are going to build an education Centre.  This has been a real blessing to the community where they can now have free water several times each week.

Doug went out in February this year to start the work on the Education Centre and managed with the help of some local people to set the foundations in place.  We also bought a brick making machine and bricks are being made ready for Doug’s return in June to start the work of building the walls.  This time some very kind builders will go with him to help with this work.

The Education Centre is something God put on our hearts when we saw the poverty and the lack of facilities for the very poor people who live in this community.  Many children don’t go to school and just wander the streets each day with no hope of ever getting an education.  So part of the work of the Education Centre will be to offer the families of these children a free education.  It will also give accommodation for Doctors and nurses who will work in the clinic that has just been built.  As well as team being able to go in and offer training and support for the local pastors.

The need in Keko is great and yet the deepest desire of the people is to know more about God and have teaching and training in Biblical truths.

With this in mind as well as building the Educational Centre we are also taking teams out in June/July to first of all run a conference for young people followed by a four week School of the Spirit.

We thank God for His provision in this work and all the glory goes to Him for the miracles and transformed lives that we have had the privilege of seeing.  We also thank those who have been part of the teams that have gone to Tanzania, people who have sacrificed finances and time for this work.  As well as those who physically go we want to thank those who stay and pray and those who have supported this work financially.

The people of Keko are overwhelmed by the love and kindness they receive from Wales and as we continue with this work I believe we are helping to fulfil the call that the Lord has placed on Wales to go to the nations.

If you are interested in this work and would like to be involved in some way, please contact Doug and Janice Bell

For an update on the Education Centre visit here

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